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Best Tips for Toe Health


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Just as with feet, your toes are also important. There are numerous problems that can arise from not taking care of your feet. The same can also be said of the toes. You can look at the two as one body part, but in certain aspects looking at them differently may help keep you on the right track and help to not have many issues with either.

Much of the same information that was provided for the feet, can also be used here. Keep them clean, where proper shoes, massage them, keep them dry, etc. There is much more that can be expanded on.

1. Trim Your Nails

I mean, of course, right! Not to some. People go months without a trim. Not trimming finger nails is one thing, but not trimming the toes, is another. Have you ever hit your toe on the end of a couch or table? Yikes, I think we all have. Now, think of doing that with long toe nails. Not only does your toe hurt, but you’ve probably broke or cracked the nail there. You know how painful it is to remove that long shard that deep into the skin of your toe. Its just not good.

Most importantly, when trimming your toe nails, remember to cut straight across, not to the curve of your toe.

2. Keep them Clean

As with the feet, your toes always need to be clean and dry. When you take a shower or bath, be sure to clean those toes as best as you can! Get in-between the toes and clear that toe jam from the socks and dead skin particles left behind. Make sure to dry your feet well after. Moisture can harbor bacteria and cause irritation, which can also lead to blisters, Athlete’s Foot, rashes, and sores1.

3. Proper Foot Wear

Some of these tips may seem repetitive from Healthy Feet page. Wearing the proper socks and shoes, is an integral part of foot/toe health. If you don’t have enough room in your shoes, it could lead to deformities of the foot, pain (of course), bunions, corns, and calluses.

Socks are also an important part of this equation. Always wear the proper socks with the proper shoes for whichever situation you are in.

4. Massage Them

This should be an ongoing theme. Your feet and toes always need a massage, especially if you are on your feet all day working. Think of how a construction or factory workers feet feel at the end of a 12 hour day. All the walking and standing with repetitive movements. It takes its toll after a while.

Of course, there are tools that can always help with a massage so you don’t have to rely on your fingers (or your partners for that matter).

5. Be Aware!

Not to scare anyone, but foot and toe problems can arise from any situation, so its up to you to always stay of ahead of any problems that you notice. If there is pain, redness, swelling, weird colors on your feet, toes, or toe nails, its always best to consult your physician.

This is especially true if you are diabetic. Your doctor should be checking your feet and toes, every time you have an appointment. The tips on this site are even more important in this situation. Diabetes can cause other problems like numbness and tingling that could be a sign of neuropathy, which is a major problem all in itself.

Look at the video below to see more about tor health!

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