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Top 5 Foot Health Tips


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In the grand scheme of things, out of all of the things we worry about, feet are probably at the bottom of the list (ironic). We worry about so many aspects of our health on a daily basis, that I think sometimes we forget that there are 2 things keeping us going on a regularly. Feet are important. We may not even notice them until they hurt or something else is going on with them. So here are some of the best ways we can help ourselves by taking care of them!

1. Massage:

Find a place in your area that offers massages. Most people want to massage the kinks out of their shoulders or neck from working all day, but your feet can also get kinks in them and need rejuvenation. Most massagers on the market offer a deep tissue massage that get deep in the crevices of that achy foot.

2. Spa Treatment

Some may think a spa treatment is the same as a massage, and it can be. Some people like to do their own spa treatment, while many others, like to splurge a bit on themself. There are multiple ways to achieve a spa treatment. Search your local area or buy some of the products listed here.

3. Comfortable Shoes

This should go without saying. Comfortable shoes are just as important as clothes or underwear. I am not a person who wears a lot of high heels, but they can be a detriment to your foot health. When lounging around the house, you should have comfortable slippers. When going for walks or running, you should be wearing the proper footwear for those activities. You can find a link for the most comfortable shoes here.

Don’t for get about socks with those shoes! Socks are very important for foot health as they keep the feet dry. Have you ever worn your sneakers on a hot summer day, without your socks? And you did that multiple times? Now the smell emanating from that shoe is something no one should have to endure. Socks reduce sweat on the feet and keep the bacteria at bay! It also helps remove those dead skin cells! All of this will help keep the foot in optimal shape and you can avoid infection.

4. Stretch

How nice does that morning stretch feel? Great right! Imagine doing that but also adding in the foot. When we stretch our arms and legs in the morning, we should also be doing foot stretches. It helps gets the kinks out of your body from head to toe. Yoga is a great way to start the day or end it. Start easy and work your way up.

5. Keep them clean!

Its no secret that we need to wash ourselves to stay clean. Taking a shower or bath makes not only you feel good, but your body too! Keeping your feet clean is an important part of the process. Get between your toes and clean them well. Make sure to dry them off so you don’t get dry skin. Then moisturize them. Its the little things in life that can make all the difference. If you have diabetes, you also must be careful with this process. Keeping your feet clean and dry with diabetes is very important. Always have your doctor check your feet for any appointment.

These are just a few simple ways to help improve foot health. Always remember to check with your doctor before starting any new regiment or use certain products for your feet.

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