How To Help Your Feet If You Have Diabetes

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We all know diabetes is a dangerous disease that can affect every part of your body, especially your feet. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and doing physical activity can be a great benefit to not feel the affects of diabetes. Taking steps to managing blood sugar is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will help every part of your body. All things are connected, and we must do all that we can to not let things get out of control. Learn how to help your feet if you have diabetes.

Preventing Diabetes

Some steps to take to a healthy lifestyle is in this sentence. Take steps, take a walk, or exercise in general. Any sort of physical activity is better than nothing. It may seem difficult at first to start, but starting small and completing simple tasks at first, will motivate you to keep going. If it doesn’t, try getting a partner. There is always someone else going through the same situation and can relate to your experiences.

Next, eat the right diet. While exercise plays a part in our health, food may be the biggest factor. It’s so important to pay attention to the labels on the food we consume. Many things are filled with hidden sugars, trans fats, cholesterol, sodium, and so much more. It begins to add up after a few meals, especially for diabetics. There is a saying that you should eat the food from the outer isles of the grocery store and nothing from the isles. That’s because the outer parts of the grocery store contains fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, etc… Everything from the main food groups. And all the foods down the isle spells trouble usually.

We say all this to say, not controlling blood sugar can lead to short term and long term health problems. Getting type 2 diabetes can be helped by the things discussed above, but sometimes things still happen. Such as older age and a health condition which may lead to diabetes.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Blood sugar that is not managed can lead to kidney problems, heart problems, and nerve problems. This is where the feet and toes come in. Specifically, nerve problems, can have a detrimental affect to the body, especially the feet. The condition is called Diabetic Neuropathy. This condition is caused by long term elevated blood sugar levels. It causes damage to the nerves in the body that carry nutrients and oxygen to the nerves.


Early on, some symptoms may seem mild. Burning sensation in the hands and feet, Numbness, coldness, tingling, pinching, sharp stab pains are usually associated. When it has progressed the symptoms may become worse especially at night. More severe symptoms are sensitivity to touch, digestive issues, muscle weakness, and balance problems.

Some of the very worst outcomes to people not controlling blood sugar includes losing limbs, UTI’s, sexual dysfunction, excessive sweating and more digestive issues.

You have nerves all over your body, but losing the feeling in your feet and toes could spell trouble if blood sugar is not controlled. If you already have diabetes, its always best to figure out the plan that works for you. Always talk to your doctor and assess your situation. If you have diabetes and notice any of the symptoms, speak to a physician.

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